Being Jack Riewoldt..

The early part of Richmond’s 2010 season was as bleak as old boots. It started when Carlton made the Tigers look third-rate in the opening round.

They went on to lose the opening nine games before finally cracking a win against Port Adelaide.

Two weeks later, Richmond played West Coast at the MCG. Two teams playing ordinary football. Not much expected.

Then Jack Riewoldt, the Tigers’ brash, bouncy, 21-year-old full-forward, kicked five goals in the opening quarter. In the last quarter, he lined up for his 10th.

Richmond fans didn’t quite believe it. This didn’t happen to the Tigers, a club that had played in two finals series in three decades. It happened to other clubs.

And yet here was Riewoldt, the player who everyone knew simply as ‘Jack’, lining up for the increasingly rare feat of a double-figure bag. Read more…