We believe in our athletes: their skill on the field, and their character off of it. 

Our job is to turn your natural abilities into an enjoyable and sustainable long-term career, while helping you make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.


Post career, we want you to have options. Plenty of them. And education is a sure-fire way to keep multiple doors open. That’s why we strongly encourage our clients to pursue a variety of educational pathways, including university, TAFE and work experience. We’re proud to report that 90% of the players we represent are currently involved in some form of off-field education. This not only ensures that they’re prepared for life after football, but by investing in their future selves, they reap the short-term benefits of a healthier work-life balance, too.


Compared to most other professions, a career in sport can be limited. Whether you retire many years from now, or are forced to exit the game early – transitioning away from football has its challenges, and many athletes struggle. But with careful forethought and planning, these pitfalls can be avoided. We work closely with each individual player in the Phoenix family to ensure they maintain a slew of options to sustain them post-AFL. Because we firmly believe that a step away from Footy doesn’t have to be a step backwards. So when the time does come to retire, you’ll have everything you need to step seamlessly into the next phase of your career, along with the support to back it up.


We hate to tell you this, but no matter how much you love your footy, no one gets to play at an elite level forever. That’s why we refuse to treat your post-AFL career as an afterthought. From day one, we’ll help you establish qualifications, work experience, and a solid network that will sustain you emotionally and professionally well into the future. With the right planning, structure and support, you’ll hang up your boots feeling as strong and motivated as when you first flung them on.

Plan B

The AFL is a highly competitive environment, and sometimes, careers don’t go the way we’d planned. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to developing solid networks for the athletes we represent, so that every opportunity is maximized. This includes continuing to work with clients who have missed previous drafts, by providing opportunities at a second-tier level. We ensure our players are positioned properly at every stage of their careers, and take great care when negotiating these life-changing deals. For us, it comes down to involvement. We’ll remain present throughout your entire football journey, just as we were for players including Tom Papley, Luke Ryan, Jordon Butts, Tippa, and plenty more. These legends are living proof that unconventional pathways can work – when managed correctly.

At PMG, we lace up long before the NAB AFL Combine. While you’re busy focussing on playing your best footy…

Securing airtight player contracts is one of the most pivotal parts of our job, and frankly, we’re bloody good at it…


We possess industry-leading knowledge and experience in all key management and player welfare areas.