Fatherly advice holds new Crow in good stead

Footy runs in the family for Adelaide draftee Lachlan Sholl.

Dad Brett played 35 games for Carlton between 1992 and 1994, including the losing 1993 Grand Final against Essendon.

His father’s cousins were also more than handy – Craig was a dual premiership player with North Melbourne during an outstanding 235-game career in 14 seasons from 1987-2000, while Brad spent the majority of his 171-game career with Geelong after starting with the Kangaroos.

“Dad played a few games with Carlton, so I’m able to draw on his experience,” Lachlan told reporters on Tuesday.

“He’s pretty much been my main coach or my main guidance in footy ever since I started.

“He’s definitely a big reason as to why I am the footballer I am.

“He is always giving me advice, but he also always wants me to play for the love of it and just enjoy it as well.

“Brad and Craig have also been really supportive of everything I’ve done.”

Lachlan is a skillful half-back flanker and winger who the Crows picked up with the 64th overall selection in last Friday’s NAB AFL Draft.

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