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From the second your name is aligned with an AFL club, you’re no longer just a player – you’re a brand. And at Phoenix Management Group, we’re committed to ensuring your brand has serious value.

Sponsorships can be incredibly lucrative, and go a long way to securing your financial future. We’ll help you capitalise on your on-field successes by locking in sponsorship deals that align with your personal style.

Further, we’ll provide the ongoing support you need to ensure that you’re meeting any sponsorship obligations.

Social media can be an incredible tool for building a passionate, connected, and engaged fan base. But making it big online can be a delicate process. We’ll also help you build your online presence and engage with your fans in a meaningful way. We’ll work with you to create compelling content, whilst growing your following across multiple platforms.

Cody Weightman x Musashi

Tom Papley x Monster Energy

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Let’s not beat around the bush: life as a professional athlete can be a dream come true. But a career in sport…

It’s tempting for players to leave everything up to their management, especially when it comes to money…


We possess industry-leading knowledge and experience in all key management and player welfare areas.