When Mum gave me away

My earliest memories are of living with my Nan in Geelong. I didn’t have much to do with Mum or Dad, to the point where when Nan said one day, ‘Your Dad’s coming to see you’, I was like, ‘My Dad? I have a Dad?’

I had no idea Dad was a white man, I just thought he’d be Aboriginal. I was pretty excited to meet him. We spent the day together and I haven’t seen him since.

One day out of the blue, my Mum came and got me from Nan’s and we went up to Broken Hill. I was born there, before Mum sent me and my older brother James down to live with Nan, while she stayed in NSW with our younger brother Thomas.

I ended up living with my uncle in Broken Hill after Mum just dropped me there and left. She did that a lot – just left us at random houses and disappeared for a couple of months. Eventually, Mum married our stepfather Vinnie, they had a couple of kids and we all moved to Red Cliffs near Mildura.

One day when I was about seven, the child protection department pulled up at the house and took me and James away. I remember thinking, ‘What’s going on here?’ I only found out not long ago that Mum had given us away.

They were always drinking and when they drank, there was a lot of fighting. I saw a lot of bad things as a young child that I’ve had to put behind me. No kid should see the things I’ve seen.

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