On the Spot with Jaryd Cachia


Since being re-drafted by the Blues this season, Jaryd Cachia now has seven AFL games under his belt.

The 22-year-old is making the most of his second coming at Carlton, putting his heart and soul into training. It’s showing on the field – in Friday’s clash with Hawthorn he picked up 22 disposals.

We caught up with Cachia, to find out what he gets up to when he’s not hard at work in the gym.

Who was your sporting hero growing up?

It would have to be Wayne Carey, because he’s the king.

If you had to cook to impress someone, what would you make?

I like cooking up a stir fry with chicken, vegies, a bit of a satay sauce in there, some noodles as well. It’s pretty tasty.

What is your favourite place that you’ve visited on holiday?

Monte Carlo because it was just so beautiful – such an amazing place. I also won money at the casino, so that’s probably why I have great memories there.

What is your number one fashion tip?

No jeans and runners. Jeans should never go with runners. I like to wear a casual pair of shoes, thongs or loafers, but never runners.

What are you listening to on your iPod?

I actually don’t have any music on my iPod. I do listen to music, but I try to borrow someone else’s – I’m not really tech savvy. But when I listen to music, it’s a mix of everything

When you’re not at the Club what do you get up to?

Just relaxing, and getting the body right for the next training session. I also love going to the movies – I love my movies. (favourite movie?) Goodfellas.