PLAYERS VOICE – Back where I’m supposed to be

For days, I built it up in my head. I was terrified to tell my parents.

How would they react? They had every right to be angry. Over the previous three or four years they’d done so much to help me. I was 17, been playing all sorts of rep footy across NSW and Queensland and they’d carted me around.

I used to have to go to Newcastle on a Tuesday and down to Sydney on a Wednesday for training. Mum or Dad used to finish work early, pick me up from school and take me. Every school holiday, as part of my scholarship, I’d go off to Melbourne to train with the Western Bulldogs.

My parents really stretched themselves for me and here I was, about to tell them I’d had enough.

I sat them down together at home. ‘Mum, Dad, I don’t want to keep going to Melbourne and training like that,’ I said. ‘I don’t want to do the rep stuff anymore. I don’t want to take it all so seriously anymore’.

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