Rhys Stanley – Player Review

R Stanley vs tigers Rhys Stanley built on his 12 matches in 2012 to play a further 18 this year, largely as a tall defender.

His presence in the back half was significant given the dearth of key defensive options after long-term injuries felled Sam Gilbert and Sam Fisher.

Stanley is also a more than capable forward, and shapes as an important player over the next few years for St Kilda with his versatility, height and athleticism.

Forward-line coach Adam Kingsley:

“It’s well documented that we needed another tall defender to compete with the monsters of the AFL so we played Rhys down back for most of the pre-season and he competed well in games.

He was pretty good on the whole as a defender but probably part-way through the season we moved him forward. We were just plugging holes down back but he is best forward and that’s where his future lies.”

Ranked 1st at St Kilda for one percenters