Rhys Stanley: St. Kilda’s Boulder Colorado Training Diary – Day 6

I managed to tick another item off the list today when I attended my first NBA game.

Most of our squad went along to watch the Denver Nuggets down the Toronto Raptors and while I’m more of a Miami fan than anything else, I was cheering on the home team.

I managed to secure some decent seats with a few of my teammates down near the front.

Tom Curen, Sam Dunell, Jack Newnes, Trent Dennis-Lane, Tom Hickey, Seb Ross and myself were all sitting in the ideal viewing point side-on from the court.

We had a fairly busy day leading up to the basketball though. Most of our afternoon was spent preparing for our hike tomorrow along the Swiss trail. We’re heading off bright and early at 4.30am and it is not as simple as just following a path.

We were thrown the challenge to organise the hike, which means preparing kits, maps and plans so that took up a few hours but it is good to see the boys step up and take charge.

The Swiss trail is a fair bit longer than the hike we did at Eldorado the other day and it is also much higher. At the moment it looks like we’ll be trekking for about seven hours and get to a highest point of 11,000 feet above sea level, which should be a good test for us.

Our morning kicked off with a training session at Colorado University’s bubble facility. Basically the bubble is an indoor American football field that from the outside looks like an igloo.

But it’s all sealed off and ventilated and made for a very interesting training venue. I found it harder to breathe in there than at any of our outdoor training sessions so far and our general intensity has picked up since we first landed in Boulder.

Another benefit we are finding is doing our post-training recovery session in the nearby creek. This creek is just outside where we’re staying at the Millenium Hotel and a few of the locals are a bit baffled by the group of young men who willingly go into the icy waters.

Just about everyone who passed us asked to make sure we were alright. I think they assumed we’d dropped something in there that we were looking for or we had been dared to go in. No one seems to be able to comprehend that we’d gone in there completely willingly.

I tell you what, I’ve never experienced cold like that and it is pretty painful to begin with but as with quite a few things on this trip you feel the benefits pretty quickly.

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