Lindsay Gilbee has decided to hang his boots up high at the end of the 2012 season.

“Gilbs” (as he is known about the club) was drafted in 1999 to the Western Bulldogs and debut two seasons later in 2001. Now at the age of 31, the all time Doggie has had a personally rewarding career but feels it is time to change his professional path.

Unlucky with an injury prone season this year, Gilbs just feels that it is time to move on from professional AFL to something a little bit different.

Growing up playing for Coldstream Juniors, Lindsay was later recruited to TAC Cup side, Eastern Ranges. It was from there that he was drafted at pick number 43 in the third round to the Western Bulldogs.

Known as one of the best kicks in the game, Lindsay turned down the opportunity to head to the States to trial as a NFL punter. True to his team, he stayed and has played an amazing 206 senior games. He has said before that his kicking ability is something that he has kind of had naturally since he was a junior. Apparently his father was a good kick, along with his brother, a family trait it would seem.

His round the leg technique was noted by kicking coach Brian Taylor but was not something that Gilbee intentionally thought about. From an article in the Herald Sun a few years back, the long punter was quoted saying “It’s like… walking, people have all got different walking styles. It’s something that I don’t even realise I do. I just run up and do what’s natural, I don’t have a routine.”

He credits past Doggies coach Brian Taylor for teaching him how to bring accuracy to his long punt. Something that seems so simple, but has brought so much efficiency to Lindsay’s game, “You hold the ball still over your kicking leg.” – Makes a lot of sense. The simple statement refers to those players who seem to swing the ball here and there as they run up to take a kick, where as Lindsay took the word of his then coach and kept the ball controlled over his kicking leg. The straightforwardness of keeping the ball still is what has helped give Gilbs his great kicking precision out on the ground.

Lindsay’s career achievements include: 3rd in the Doggies Best and Fairest in 2005, selected as an All-Australian in 2006, played two consecutive seasons of the International Rules Series in 2005 and 2006 and a pre-season premiership player in 2010.

Although this Dog has had his day, we know this is not the last that you will see or hear from Lindsay Gilbee.