Let’s not beat around the bush: life as a professional athlete can be a dream come true. But a career in sport often goes hand-in-hand with rigorous physical and mental challenges. Without the right support, the pressure can add up.

Chances are, you’ll encounter unforeseen roadblocks along the way to footy greatness. From requests to move interstate, repeat injuries, and personal setbacks – you’ll need a team who can help.

At Phoenix we maintain a purposefully select list of athletes, so that we can put greater emphasis on your welfare and happiness.

Liaising regularly with club-based welfare managers, we ensure that all of our players have the support and stability they need in order to thrive.

So whether you’re looking for advanced media training, wellbeing support, or just need someone to chat with about the everyday demands of playing Footy – with Phoenix on your side, you’ll never go it alone.

It’s tempting for players to leave everything up to their management, especially when it comes to money…

We believe in our athletes: their skill on the field, and their character off of it…


We possess industry-leading knowledge and experience in all key management and player welfare areas.